Ozone In Occupied Areas

If you wish to use an ozone generator as an air purifier, cleaner, deodorizer, etc. in an occupied area you must first realize that ozone will NOT completely sterilize any environment at a level that is safe for people, plants and pets. It may however reduce the contamination when used properly, if you are trying to sterilize the surfaces of an environment please refer to the shock treatment section.

(Setting Ozone Level) The right level is when all the generated ozone is being used up accomplishing its job. However, this is difficult to obtain because it becomes a balancing act. Initially the machines output is set high for a short time to get rid of the problem odor as quickly as possible. As this is accomplished less ozone is required for the diminishing odors, thereby leaving some residual ozone in the air. If the machines output is not turned down after a short while then more residual ozone will be left in the air. If there is a heavy smell of ozone, there is more ozone present than is required to do the job. Simply turn the rheostat (output level control) on the ozone generator down to reduce the ozone output. This is a case where more is not considered better. The levels of ozone required to deodorize most environments are from .03 ppm to .1 ppm.

The Crystal Air ozone generator should be properly sized for the specific area and number of possible smokers or other contaminants. The Ozone generator should be hooked into the air handling system in order to ensure proper distribution. (The Ductzone is designed to be mounted on the ductwork or if higher output in required, mounting brackets are available for the PRO 3600, 5000, & 10000). An ozone controller should also be used in order to ensure safe levels are not exceeded.

If a controller is not used (not recommended) adjust Crystal Air ozone generator so that the ozone or the problem odor can not be detected. Begin with the ozone generator on low setting and work your way up slowly. One person should be in charge of adjusting the ozone generator output as the contamination increases or decreases. If ozone is set for 40 smokers and 30 vacate, then the ozone generator should be adjusted to lower setting, otherwise the air will become excessively ozonated and possibly cause sore throat or headache.

Recommended equipment:

An ozone generator capable of approximately 20 mg/hr / 100 sq/ft of space and an ozone controller to ensure that the ozone is kept at a safe level. The amount of ozone needed is different for every installation due to several factors:

1. High humidity reduces the output of the ozone generator. 
2. The level of odor or other contamination. The stronger the problem the more ozone is needed.
3. Air exchange, if the room or building has an exhaust, air exchange, etc. this must be taken into account.
Application procedures:

All Crystal Air ozone generators with the exception of the Ductzone are of a commercial design, the output is higher than .05ppm

Wherever possible the ozone generator should be run through the air handling system to ensure that people are not exposed to high concentrations from the ozone generator output.