Shock Treating Your Home

Suggested Size: Best models: UV PRO 2800, 4000, 6800, 15,000, PRO 9000-1 alternate models for small areas: PRO 450, 970, 3400-1, 9,000, UV PRO 550, 550AT, 1100, & 1100AT. Depending on the size of area to be treated.

The idea of an ozone shock treatment procedure is to eliminate the odor perminantly. To do so we must first assess the extent of the odor problem in order to determine the size of the Crystal Air ozone generator which would be required to sufficiently eliminate the problem odor in a reasonable period of time. Once we have chosen the ideal size of ozone generator for the particular treatment area, the ozone generator should be placed pointing in the direction of the problem area. Strong fans must be placed throughout the area being treated to provide good ozone distribution. Operate the ozone generator at it's highest capacity for as long as it takes to eliminate the odor problem. In most cases it takes only a few hours to do a shock treatment. If it is a type of odor that is absorbed in furniture, walls and bedding, for example, cigarette smoke, takes only 2-4 hours with the proper sized ozone generator. After the shock treatment procedure is complete, air out the room, if the odor is expected to continue place a Crystal Air ozone generator and monitor controller permanently in the area operating at a low level. Severe cases may require a 24 + hour treatment. Milder cases may need a smaller unit or use lower output setting.


NOTE# while performing a shock treatment, make sure that all people, pets, plants and other animals are vacant from the area to be treated. Also while using HIGH concentrations in a room, be sure that ozone does not leak into connected or occupied rooms by way of furnace vents or wall cracks etc.