Ozone Room For Treating belongings


Most obnoxious odors such as mold, mildew, smoke, etc. can easily be removed from Mattress, couch, cloths, books, etc .

You can easily make or utilize a room of proper size to accommodate all the articles to be deodorized. Place circulating fans in the room to vigorously blow the ozone around the room to penetrate the porous materials. If possible route fresh air into the ozone generator to reduce oxidation of the components. Place the items to be deodorized in the room and operate the ozone generator on full. This procedure may go on for 1-72 hrs depending on the circumstances.

Recommended equipment Any one of the ozone models can be used for an ozone room depending on room size. C20 liquid deodorizer
For commercial restoration ozone rooms you should use .5-2 g/hr ozone for every 100 sq/ft, depending on how fast the job needs to be done and how bad the problem is. With .5 g/hr / 100 sq/ft you should treat for 12-24 hours +, with 2 g/hr / 100 sq/ft it should only take about 4-8 hours. 
For the do-it-yourself home owner, the treatments can be done in a smaller room to allow the use of a much smaller unit. Just calculate the size of your largest room to come up with the size of unit that you will require. Also most home owners are not in as much of a rush to do the job, if this is so you can probably do the job with 1/4 of the above recommended ozone production.
Application procedures: 
The PRO 450, 970, 550, & 1100 are ideal for doing small shock treatments. Simply place the item in a room that will not allow ozone to leak into occupied areas. Place an appropriately sized ozone generator in the room along with a circulation fan and set the level control to full. Turn the generator on, close and lock the door. Allow to operate for the above recommended times. Turn the ozone generator off and close the door once again for about 3-4 hours before returning to the room to allow the remaining ozone to convert back to oxygen.
The PRO 9,000-1, 2800, 4000, 6800, & 15,000  are the best units for commercial shock treating items in a room. These units allow the use of a hose to rout the ozone into the ozone room or fresh air into the ozone generator, this keeps the generator from oxidizing itself. 
-If the odor was caused by a liquid contamination such as musty odor from a leak, you must first fix the leak or the problem will come back.
-If the odor was caused by a liquid contamination, the area needs treated with C20 to ensure that the odor will not come back.