Deodorize Car RV Boats

Suggested Size: Best models: UV PRO 550, 550AT, 1100, & 1100AT.

Cigarette smoke and most other organic odors can be removed from a car, truck, boat, motor home etc in 30_45 minutes. First you should clean the vehicle thoroughly. If the odor is known to be caused by a liquid you should first treat the area with a high quality non fragrance liquid deodorizer like C20. Ensure that the vehicle is completely 100% dry prior to ozone application, failure to do so may cause damage to the interior components.

Place Crystal Air ozone generator in automobile, and adjust vent fan on full recirce with car running. Operate ozone at half to full for 30-45 minutes. Air out auto and check for lingering odors. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Note: Caution in areas of treatment using high levels of ozone. Treat all exposed natural rubber with a silicone spray or Vaseline in order to prevent cracking. This is not the case with fabric covered rubber cushions.

CAUTION: Some auto odors are a result of chemical fragrance deodorizers that are non ozone depleting and therefore are very difficult to eliminate. Animal dander and oils embedded under the carpet, and sometimes must be lifted and cleaned with C20 or equivalent liquid deodorizer before treatment with ozone.

Boat & yacht bilge odors are easily taken care of with a Crystal Air ozone generator & C20 liquid deodorizer. Just place ozone generator in bilge or living quarters when at dock and operate on full for 24 hrs. Ensure that all plants pets and people are removed for the duration of the deodorization process. Air out the living quarters of the boat or yacht before re entering. For heavy boat & yacht bilge odors use C20 liquid deodorizer prior to ozone application.