Fire & Flood Deodorizing

Fire & flood odors are easily taken care of with a Crystal Air ozone generator & C20 liquid deodorizer. C20 liquid deodorizer is a non fragrance deodorizer ideal for use in fire & flood restoration prior to ozonating.  All Crystal Air Ozone generators utilize corona discharge technology, creating a reliable long lasting ozone generator that will last for years to come. Click here to go to the Crystal Air Home Page for information on our ozone generators and liquid deodorizers.


Suggested Size: Best models: UV PRO 2800, 4000, 6800, PRO, 9000-1 alternate models for small areas: PRO 450, 970, 3400-1, PRO 9,000-1, UV PRO 550, 550AT, 1100, & 1100AT. Depending on the size of area to be treated.

In cases of small fire and smoke damage (e.g.: Grease Fire on stove, Severe toaster fire, fire place back through, mattress fire, electrical fire etc). With smoke fumes the premises should be thoroughly cleaned including the forced air furnace system before deodorization begins. Place a Crystal Air ozone generator on each level of the building accompanied with a good blower fan to force the ozone through the small pores of the walls, carpet, and furniture. This process may take up to 24-72 hours for adequate results to be achieved. Furniture and mattresses may need additional treatment by draping a sheet of plastic over them and placing an ozone generator underneath for approx. 1_2 hours.

Note: Odors created in a hot environment are embedded deeper in the pores of the materials such as curtains, furniture, wallboard etc. This is due to pores expanding when hot and closing when cold. A warm environment will always produce better