Deodorize pet accidents

Suggested Size: Best models: UV PRO 2800, 4000, 6800, PRO 9000-1 alternate models for small areas: PRO 450, 970, 3400-1, PRO 9,000-1 UV PRO 550, 550AT, 1100, & 1100AT. Depending on the size of area to be treated.

Pet odors are easily eliminated with the proper application of C20 and ozone. If you have a pet odor from urine on the carpet, etc. Crystal air has the only complete solution available. C20 deodorizer and an ozone generator will totally eliminate the odor for good.

Application Procedures:
Site preparation: 
1. All damaged items need to be removed from the area as well as any carpet, pet beds, wall board, or other building or pet bedding materials that are to be replaced. 
2. Thoroughly clean all areas possible, and deodorize with C20 liquid deodorizer (4oz/gallon of water). Allow the C20 to completely dry, It does its job as it dries. The odor may actually seem to get worse until it dries due to the fact that C20 is a true deodorizer and contains no fragrance to "cover" the odor.
Ensure that the area is soaked in C20 to the same degree as the original pet urine, this will ensure that the C20 penetrates to the same depth as the damaging odor is.
Ozone application:

Place the ozone generator in an area that will provide the best circulation and distribution of the ozone. Run an extension cord from all generators to the receptacle closest to the exit door. Use auxiliary fans to help with circulation, this will also help to drive the ozone into the pores of the materials. Turn the generator/s to full output and to the on position. Leave the premises and lock all entrances. Allow the ozone application to operate for the above recommended time. If the problem is especially bad increase the amount of ozone used or the length of the application accordingly. Upon returning to the premises, turn off the ozone generators by unplugging the extension cord. Leave the premises and lock all entrances. Allow the building to sit for 4-8 hrs, this allows the remaining ozone to convert back to oxygen and reduce ozone exposure. 

Special notes on pet odors.
1. If the odor originated from urine it is VERY important to treat with C20 first and make sure that it is soaked in well.
2. If the pets bed is the source of the odor, or if the pets lived in the area for a long time all porous floor areas should be treated with C20 prior to the ozone treatment. This will help in deodorizing the pet dander and body oils that have fallen through the carpet to the floor board, if this step is not done the odor may come back and require re treatment.