C20 Liquid Deodorizer

C20 1.6lb

C20 Fragrance Free Liquid Deodorizer Concentrate 500ml(16.9oz)


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Odor Neutralizer / deodorizer / Cleanser Concentrate

The ultimate deodorizer that leaves no odor!
Neutralizes & deodorizes most odors including: pets, skunk, smoke, urine, fire & flood damage, pesticide, manure, etc.

Odor Neutralizers and deodorizers
provided by Crystal Air are the most scientifically advanced chemical odor neutralizer / deodorizer on the market today. Our odor neutralizers / deodorizers have the ability to react upon not just one type of odor causing gas but a wide range of gases, automatically and simultaneously so you get the most thorough results possible. Non-toxic, biodegradable and emulsify able, our neutralizing formulas contain all natural ingredients which work to dissolve and neutralize / deodorize malodours so that the source of the odor is eliminated, not simply hidden. Crystal Air formulas are offered in a liquid concentrate and can be diluted up to 100 times.

About the C20 Fragrance Free Formula:
Our C20 formula doubles as an odor neutralizer and cleanser so you can deodorize / neutralize and clean in one easy step. C20 contains emulsifying agents which break up grease and oils. Pour a few ounces of C20 down your drain or into a grease trap, dilute C20 and mop kitchen floors or rinse off counters. C20 is a non staining fragrance free product which can be used with disinfectants, insecticides, carpet shampoos, or other cleaners etc.

Mix products at 2-8oz per gallon of water. Ratio can be increased or decrease further according to odor level.
What's Included:
-16 oz bottle C20
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