N95 Niosh Approved Particulate Respirator

027-44150N95 2lb

N95 Niosh Approved Particulate Respirator


Not for ozone filtering, these are N95 particale respirators.

Comfortable to wear with low breathing resistance. Lightweight promotes greater worker acceptance. Adjustable head straps and nose clips offer a comfortable secure fit. No metal used and apply latex-free material to avoid irritation.

• Conforms to 42 CFR part 84, N95 class, NIOSH Approved.
• Filter efficiency is more than 95%.
• Comfortable to wear with light construction.
• Elastic head strap for flexibility and better fit.
• Adjustable nose clips offer a customized seal.
• No metal used is Suitable for those environments where metal is not allowed.
• Latex-free.

• Mining Industry
• Oil and Gas Industries
• Factory Maintenance • Food Preparation

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