Comprehensive Deodorization

Comprehensive Deodorization 3lb

This is the industry’s only complete volume on professional deodorization. It’s used as a training reference text by cleaning and restoration contractors throughout the world.


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Comprehensive Deodorization begins with a general discussion: odor perception, types, amplification, and penetration. It continues with decontamination and safety. From there, we move to deodorizing principles, including: source removal, cleaning, recreating the conditions of penetration, and sealing.

Next, we cover classes of deodorants (masking, absorbing, pairing, disinfecting, and digesting agents), along with professional chemical options, including: absorbents, general-purpose, heavy-duty, dry solvent-based, biocidal, and enzyme deodorants.

A whole chapter is devoted to ozone gas: what it is, how it’s formed, what it does, and use precautions. That’s followed by a chapter on equipment options, including: safety equipment, injectors, sprayers, smoke ejectors, power blowers, diffusers, foggers (ULVs, thermal), and ozone generators.

The next major area of emphasis in Comprehensive Deodorization involves structural odor situations. This category includes: animal urine (basics, confined and severe contamination), decomposed protein (freezers, dead animals, skunk), and death scene (universal precautions, blood borne pathogen compliance, disposal, restoration procedures). It continues with gas, fuel, and chemical odor (tear gas, fuel oil, drug labs, stink bombs), as well as an extensive section on fire and smoke odor, both confined area (grease fire), and overall contamination (gutted room).

For fire restoration contractors, there’s a complete chapter devoted strictly to contents deodorization, including: carpet, upholstery, draperies, case goods, and clothing. We finish with a chapter on automotive deodorization, with procedures for: protein, death scene, and smoke odor.

At the end of each chapter, we include Comprehension Quizzes. Use them to test your knowledge retention or to prepare for certification courses. If you’re an owner or manager, you can use the book and quizzes for company training programs, saving you thousand in development costs.

Comprehensive Deodorization is an essential reference for every cleaning and restoration service company.

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