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Crystal Air is proud to have been a member in good standing of the International Ozone Association since  1996.

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Crystal Air  ozone generator Support Q & A
- QUESTION: How much power does an ozone generator consume?
- ANSWER: Very little, the smallest AC ozone generator we sell is the PRO 700 and uses less than 25 watts. The largest, PRO 10,000 uses less than 160 watts.
- QUESTION: What should my ozone generator sound like? 
- ANSWER: The ozone generator should make a steady, quiet buzzing noise that gets quieter as the level is lowered.
- QUESTION: When I turn my ozone generator on the fan works but I do not smell any ozone, what do I do?
- ANSWER: First, check to see whether the generator plate is dirt if so, try cleaning the plate, ensure that the plate is 100% dry before reinstalling. Any moisture in the plate will stop the ozone generator from working and possibly cause damage to the internal components if operated for a prolonged period of time. If this fails to solve the problem contact Crystal Air. For further information. 
- QUESTION: My ozone generator will only operate at full level, what is wrong?
- ANSWER: If The ozone generator is only operating when set to the full setting it is most likely the level control. this is normally caused by a faulty burned out plate or if the unit was turned on and operated for prolonged period with a misaligned plate. Check the instruction manual.
- QUESTION: My ozone generator seems to have less ozone output than when I first received it, can you help?
- ANSWER: Yes, it sounds like one of a few possible problems.
- Dirty generator plate. The generator plate must be cleaned regularly, if it not cleaned regularly the ozone production will decrease.
- Worn out generator plate. If the plate appears to be flaking, it is probably worn out. Replacement mica is available for purchase on our web site, click here for more info.
- QUESTION: When I turn up the level on my ozone generator it starts to snap and crackle, what is wrong?
- ANSWER: The snapping or crackling sound is usually from a dirty, worn out or misaligned plate. Click here to download the instruction manual.
- QUESTION: The blue glow that I used to see on the generator plate has changed to a yellow - orange spark in one spot that makes a crackling sound even after cleaning, what do I do?
- ANSWER: This usually indicates a hole in the mica plate. Replace the generator plate.


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