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Manufacturing and supplying high quality ozone generators since 1993

  Crystal Air ozone generators

Crystal Air is proud to have been a member in good standing of the International Ozone Association since  1996.






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Direct product links

PRO 3,400-1 (1000mg/hr up gradable)
PRO 9,000 (1000mg/hr up gradable)
DC PRO 200 (200mg/hr)
DC PRO 450 (450mg/hr)
DC PRO 970 (950mg/hr)
UV ozone generators (Very popular)
HVAC 560 (560mg/hr) (duct mounted)*adjustable output*
HVAC 1100 (1100mg/hr) (duct mounted)*adjustable output*
HVAC-C Commercial duct mounted UV ozone generator(1100, 1650, & 2200mg/hr models available)
UV PRO 550 (550mg/hr)
UV PRO 550TS (550mg/hr)
UV PRO 550AT (550mg/hr)*adjustable output*
UV PRO 1100T (1100mg/hr)
UV PRO 1100TS (1100mg/hr)
UV PRO 1100AT (1100mg/hr)*adjustable output*
UV PRO 2800 (2800mg/hr)
UV PRO 4000 (4000mg/hr)
UV PRO 6800 (6800mg/hr)
C 20 Deodorizer 500ml
Replacement plates & Mica, 1926 For 360 & 36R
Replacement plates & Mica. 2535 For 620 & 62R



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