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Sizing recommendations for fire and flood restoration.

Had a fire? Or a flood?
No problem, you just found the solution!

If you have had a fire or a flood recently, a Crystal Air ozone generator and C20 liquid deodorizer will solve the problem.

Fire & flood odors are easily taken care of with a Crystal Air ozone generator & C20 liquid deodorizer. C20 liquid deodorizer is a non fragrance deodorizer ideal for use in fire & flood restoration prior to ozonating.  All Crystal Air Ozone generators utilize corona discharge technology, creating a reliable long lasting ozone generator that will last for years to come. Click here to go to the Crystal Air Home Page for information on our ozone generators and liquid deodorizers.

In cases of small fire and smoke damage (e.g.: Grease Fire on stove, Severe toaster fire, fire place back through, mattress fire, electrical fire etc). With smoke fumes the premises should be thoroughly cleaned including the forced air furnace system before deodorization begins. Place a Crystal Air ozone generator on each level of the building accompanied with a good blower fan to force the ozone through the small pores of the walls, carpet, and furniture. This process may take up to 24-72 hours for adequate results to be achieved. Furniture and mattresses may need additional treatment by draping a sheet of plastic over them and placing an ozone generator underneath for approx. 1_2 hours.

Note: Odors created in a hot environment are embedded deeper in the pores of the materials such as curtains, furniture, wallboard etc. This is due to pores expanding when hot and closing when cold. A warm environment will always produce better results than a cold one when deodorizing a gaseous odor.

Recommended equipment: PRO 9,000-1 & C20 liquid deodorizer
For commercial type restoration jobs you should use .5-2 g/hr ozone for every 100 sq/ft, depending on how fast the job needs to be done and how bad the problem is. With .5 g/hr / 100 sq/ft you should treat for 3-4 days +, with 2 g/hr / 100 sq/ft it should only take about  12-24 hours. 
For the do-it-yourself home owner, the treatments can be done one room at a time to allow the use of a much smaller unit. Just calculate the size of your largest room to come up with the size of unit that you will require. Also most home owners are not in as much of a rush to do the job, if this is so you can probably do the job with 1/4 of the above recommended ozone production.


Application Procedures:
Site preparation: 
1. All damaged items need to be removed from the area as well as any carpet, wall board, or other building materials that are to be replaced. 
2. Thoroughly clean all areas possible, and deodorize with C20 liquid deodorizer (4oz/gallon of water). Allow the C20 to completely dry, It does its job as it dries. The odor may actually seem to get worse until it dries due to the fact that C20 is a true deodorizer and contains no fragrance to "cover" the odor.
FIRE NOTES. It will be much more difficult to deodorize if Inorganic items such as plastics etc. were burnt in the fire. The C20 works mainly against organic odors, if the odor is from an inorganic item like plastic, repeated ozone applications may eliminate it. 
FLOOD NOTES:  If it is a flood, a spill, or any damage from a liquid, do not miss this step. Also ensure that the area is soaked in C20 to the same degree as the original flood or spill, this will ensure that the C20 penetrates to the same depth as the damage is.
Ozone application: 
Place the ozone generator in an area that will provide the best circulation and distribution of the ozone. Run an extension cord from all generators to the receptacle closest to the exit door. Use auxiliary fans to help with circulation, this will also help to drive the ozone into the pores of the materials. Turn the generator/s to full output and to the on position. Leave the premises and lock all entrances. Allow the ozone application to operate for the above recommended time. If the problem is especially bad increase the amount of ozone used or the length of the application accordingly. Upon returning to the premises, turn off the ozone generators by unplugging the extension cord. Leave the premises and lock all entrances. Allow the building to sit for 4-8 hrs, this allows the remaining ozone to convert back to oxygen and reduce ozone exposure.



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