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Sizing recommendations for Boat and Yacht deodorization.

Most obnoxious odors such as mold, mildew, smoke, bilge odors, etc. can easily be removed from boats and yachts.

Boat & yacht bilge odors are easily taken care of with a Crystal Air ozone generator & C20 liquid deodorizer. Just place ozone generator in bilge or living quarters when at dock and operate on full for 24 hrs. Ensure that all plants pets and people are removed for the duration of the deodorization process. Air out the living quarters of the boat or yacht before re entering. For heavy boat & yacht bilge odors use C20 liquid deodorizer prior to ozone application.

Recommended Equipment: 
Application procedures: 
The DC 200 runs on 12vdc for use where you can not get AC wall voltage or when you need it on the go.  If you are away from dock for extended periods of time and/or do not have AC voltage on board, then the Auto-ozone is the unit for you. ( 120 VAC wall adapter also available).
The PRO 450 and the PRO 970 are ideal for shock treating boats and yachts at dock or away if you have AC power. They are the two lowest priced AC ozone generators that we offer yet they are powerful enough to deodorize  the bilge of a 40-50ft yacht.
The PRO 3400-1 is functionally the same but has a higher output and is upgradeable to a higher output.
The PRO 9,000-1Is the best unit for shock treating large boats and yacht at dock. The PRO 3600-1 allows the use of a hose to rout the ozone into the bilge or other contaminated areas. The PRO 3600-1 is also upgradeable, if more ozone is needed for a specific job or you need to do the treatment faster, just add an extra generator plate. 
-If the odor was caused by a liquid contamination such as musty odor from a leak, you may need to first fix the leak or the problem will come back.
-If the odor was caused by a liquid contamination, the area needs treated with C20 to ensure that the odor will not come back.



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