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Crystal Air is proud to have been a member in good standing of the International Ozone Association since  1996.

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1. Output rating claims 2. Output and coverage ratings 3A. No cleaning required claims
3B. New patented design claims 4. Low grade plastic generators 5. Zero nitrogen oxide claims
6. New type of air claims 7. Copies of Crystal Air 8. How long in business
9. Where are they manufactured? 10.Construction  
1. Output ratings claims.
 Use our "Ozone worksheet" to create your own comparison sheet, don't trust the one's that you'll find on a variety of web sites, some give improper information or fail to include appropriate competitive equipment.
2. Output and coverage ratings
Make sure any ozone generator you consider purchasing has a "mg/hr" or a "g/hr" output rating. Any reputable ozone generator company will have had there ozone generators tested on a photometer. Here at Crystal Air we use a Dassibi 1008 PC ozone tester that costs about $8,000 - $12,000, the same brand and model used by most government agencies. Ratings in "ppm" are a simple concentration rating and do not tell anything about the overall production. Click here to watch YouTube video comparisons between our ozone generators and some of our competitors. Our PRO 4000 is 2.5 times the output of our competitors 4000, our 2800 is 2.16 times the output of our competitors 14,000.
3. New patented design claims,  No cleaning required claims
Be very careful about purchasing any ozone generator that claims:
A. "ABSOLUTELY NO CLEANING OR MAINTENANCE REQUIRED". We have tested several different brands and models as well as speaking with several of the sellers, they are either disposable or you MUST purchase costly replacement plates, or other parts instead of cleaning. These replicable, unclean able plates cause the ozone production to slowly reduce over time until they finally stop working. Crystal Air ozone generators are designed to last for years to come and carry a 6 year warranty to prove it. When maintained properly the plates will last up to 4 years maintaining a steady amount of ozone production, the unit itself will last much longer.
B. or "NEW PATENTED DESIGN", we have yet to truly see a "new" ozone generator plate design, they are simply a different ground electrode shape, mounting design, etc. A plate by any other name is still a plate. 
-Some companies even try to fool you into thinking that the patent covers nitrogen oxide and states that they are nitrogen oxide free. We have researched all such patents that we have been able to find. WE HAVE NOT FOUND ANY NITROGEN OXIDE MENTION IN ANY OF THEM UNLESS THEY ARE USING OXYGEN. Click here to do a US patent search for yourself or insist that the supplier supplies a laboratory test sheet.
4. Low grade disposable plastic ozone generators
Be very careful of the " small all plastic ozone generators" that are for sale on various web sites. Most are a very low grade, very low output, disposable generator. We regularly receive orders from customers who complain that they bought a small plastic ozone generator only to find out that it is pretty much useless except for in the car. Crystal Air ozone generator chassis are built using high grade stainless steel, the outer cabinet on the PRO series is made from high impact extruded PVC that will withstand a lot of abuse.
5. Zero nitrogen oxide claims
Do not believe claims about corona discharge ozone generators that claim "zero" or "no nitrogen oxides". ALL CORONA DISCHARGE OZONE GENERATORS CREATE A SMALL AMOUNT OF NITROGEN OXIDES" unless they use pure oxygen for feed gas and have absolutely no steel of any kind in the generation chamber. The amount produced is negligible, approximately 1/100 of the amount of ozone being produced. In an ozonated area that is safe to occupy (>0.04 ppm) the nitrogen oxide level would be around 0.0004, well below the safe level.
Some companies have used a testing method that does not work, Draeger gas testing tubes and Matheson gas detector tubes for nitrogen are not usable in an ozone environment. Both companies state in their instructions that they will not give an accurate reading in an ozone environment. Draeger say's that the nitrogen oxide tests are "not compatible with an ozone environment" and  Matheson states that "the stained layer is decolourized by ozone"
We have tested our equipment with the Matheson gas testers and came up with 0 nitrogen oxides, However we know that, THE TESTS HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO MEANING WHEN DONE IN THE PRESENCE OF OZONE so we do not claim zero.
The Draeger and Matheson gas test tubes use a small glass tube that contains cotton type batting inside that is soaked in a special chemical regent. The tubes are inserted into a special pump that draws a calibrated amount of air through it. The regent discolours up the length of the tube which is marked with concentrations. The problem is that as soon as the regent changes color it is bleached or " discoloured" by the ozone and shows no reading, thus zero nitrogen oxide readings are obtained.
6. New type of air claims
Some companies marketing ozone generators are claiming to have invented a new type of air, such as "a higher form of oxygen" and have given it there own name. Ozone is ozone no matter what name you stick to it.
- one claims to make more 04, 05, 06, 07, etc than 03. They fail to mention in there information that it is a well known fact in the ozone industry that this is a characteristic of corona discharge.
7. Copies of Crystal Air
Some companies have tried to copy our PRO series ozone generators, they use a cabinet that looks similar. The problem is that the cabinets are a much thinner plastic or aluminium and the components are inferior, usually imported from Taiwan or? Just checkout the warranty, this will show if they actually stand behind the quality of the product they are selling.
8. How long have they been in business
Check how long they have been in business. Crystal Air has been in Business since 1993 (13 years). If they haven't been in business for at least 5 years then it is risky to purchase from them unless the equipment comes from a reputable ozone supplier, there is a very good chance that they will go out of business before they reach 5 years and then you will have trouble getting support or replacement parts. Remember, it is a well known fact that most small businesses do not last 5 years.
9. Where are they manufactured?
Be sure to ask where they were built. All Crystal Air ozone generators are designed and built in Canada, this means that if you have a warranty problem there will be absolutely no problem getting I t repaired. BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT BUYING AN OZONE GENERATOR THAT IS BUILT IN AN OVERSEAS COUNTRY. Warranty repairs are hard to get and time consuming if you are able to get it repaired at all.
10. Ozone generator construction
All Crystal Air ozone generators are built to the highest quality standards, using the highest quality materials. We use stainless steel and PVC, the only cabinetry materials that withstand ozone and do not corrode.
*Also make sure that that unit is not made entirely of PVC. PVC will not withstand the high voltage that is used in ozone production, ALL COMPONENTS MUST BE MOUNTED ON A STAINLESS STEEL BASE FOR SAFETY.


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